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Covid-19 Community Contributions

We know that food and access to it whether at grocery stores, farms, food pantries, or restaurants, and affordability of it is on the top of many people’s minds.

Photos of empty store shelves or #stayathomemeals are dominating social media feeds. We want to ensure this documentation is organized and saved for future generations to understand the food landscape during this historic public health crisis. And we want your help to do it! As you are cook at home, order take-out from a local restaurant, and grocery shop, please consider sharing your photos of anything food related to our digital archive. If its food related we want to see it! Have a story to share about your experience? You can contribute that too.

What we are looking for:

Digital Donation Instructions:

Our website is setup to accept community contributions.

  1. To add to our digital archive, click on the Contribute an Item tab.
  2. Choose Image or Story from the dropdown menu (For images: Upload your photo and write a brief description including date and location).
  3. Fill out the personal information section (this information is kept private, not published with the image or story). 
    Check off the rest of the boxes. 

That's it! Now your photo or story will be preserved in the Amesbury Public Library’s local history collection. 

Questions? Email our archivist Meghan Fahey at mfahey@amesburylibrary.org.